About Us

Blend an experienced camera team with creative minds and producers, and what do you get? A seamlessly integrated production company at your service—tailored for your brand or agency, primed for the next significant creative shoot. It’s all laid out clearly in black and white.

Our Team

James Haslam

Business Development Manager

James co-founded Window Zebra Media in 2021 off the back of running his own independent video production company, Haslam Films. He is a highly skilled director, DOP and producer and often works on commercial sets in a range of capacities.

Since then, he has led the creative direction of Window Zebra Media, developing relationships with international marketing and communications agencies as well as building a portfolio of video agency work, direct to brands.

As of January 2022, James now leads the business direction of both Media and Productions, and continues to have core oversight over key strategic projects, hiring and technology decisions.

Dom Howlett

Head of Video Production

Dom has spent the last few years working with a leading London based production company creating content for the NHS, Lloyds, Google and Ofcom. Alongside this, he has developed his skills as an independent film-maker and director, producing short films, music videos and corporate content. His credits span 100’s of productions and he has won awards in film festivals globally.

He also brings with him a background in research and corporate strategy, having worked with an award winning research agency for 2 years. During this time he worked on a range of ethnographic research projects for companies like Versus Arthritis, The Design Council, The National Theatre, UK Government and the FCA.

Dom now heads up the Media team, running project pitches, managing internal and external crews and continuously developing the Window Zebra content strategy.

Flora Lopategui

Creative Director

Flora was a creative director and illustrator of Lord Bird’s Chapter Catcher before turning her artistic eye to film. She wrote and directed a series of short films in 2021 in collaboration with Window Zebra Productions, including the globally award winning TV pilot ‘Olive’ and her upcoming film ‘End of Infinity’ shot completely in Virtual Production.

Flora joins the media team as Creative Director, supporting all projects from initial client pitch to post production and final delivery. Flora works as a writer, director and production designer for short films, music videos and corporate content. She takes the lead on the creative side, communicating and working directly with the client to ensure that their ideas come to life.

Byron Tennyson

Head of Audio

Byron has been working as a Sound Engineer for commercial advertising and award winning short films. His credits as a Sound Recordist number in the hundreds with diverse clients such as Amazon, Pokémon, Kellogg’s and MTV.

Byron is also a creative writer and has written multiple TV Pilots as well as an award winning Horror film that premiered at Fright Fest, the UK’s largest international Genre film festival.

Byron is our Head of Audio, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a discerning ear. Byron heads all Audio recording, editing, foley and clean up. As well as bringing creative concepts and innovative ideas to our clients.


James Dann

James Dann is a director and producer with over 10 years of documentary and branded content experience. His latest documentary, Section 298, was filmed across Pakistan and recently distributed for VOD and TV platforms via Journeyman pictures.

James has worked for two years as a director / producer for Google as well as directing content for brands and organizations such as Vodafone, Barclaycard, Hyundai, the UN, Wimbledon, eBay, Samsung and many more.

What is in the name?

In a tale as wild as a zebra on the loose, our fearless head of Productions Dom, in his theater-directing days back in 2014, walked upon the Edinburgh streets.

Picture this: a dark night, a fateful encounter with a colleague, and BAM! Not just a mental revelation but a physical bump too. Why? Because, lo and behold, there was a zebra lurking in a nearby building!

As they peered through the window the zebra was still there, probably planning its great escape. As Dom moved on to directing film the memory of that striped surprise lived on. And thus, “The Zebra in the Window” was born. Because let’s face it, a zebra cameo is never just a one-time thing! 🦓✨